Diesel – PV Hybrid solar solution

Diesel PV Hybrid Solar, Combines Solar PV with diesel generators, this solution is, highly cost efficient with less payback time. The solar PV system generates electrical energy during daytime which directly reduces the fuel consumption of the diesel generator.Our expertise is to optimize the solar fraction based on detailed load analysis and state of the art control systems capable to automatically balance the fluctuations of the solar energy production and load variations of the electrical consumers.

In many regions of the world, power grids are either inadequate or nonexistent. As a result, industrial consumers often ensure their power supply through diesel gensets.

Even today many industries operate their loads with diesel generators. However, fuel costs for the gensets continue to rise.

If the fuel has to be transported to remote regions, the effective costs increase even more as a result of the necessary storage. At the same time, PV system costs have dropped by more than 50 percent within the last three years; therefore, solar power is often the most economical alternative energy source for remote regions in the world’s Sun Belt. It simply makes sense to combine PV and diesel systems so that solar irradiation – which is both abundant and free – can profitably be used as an energy source in industrial applications.

Diesel Hybrid use cases:
Remote Industries (Ex, Oil & Gas, Desalination, Mining Etc) Agriculture (Ex, irrigation Systems), Hotel, Resorts, Warehouses.

Advantages of Diesel PV Hybrid Solar Solution:

  • - Reduce fuel consumption and save costs.
  • - Reduce the risk of fuel-price volatility.
  • - Increase energy independence.
  • - Reduce CO2 emissions and exposure to increased air quality and sound regulations.
  • - Independence from volatile energy supplies and rising diesel costs.
  • - Optimum integration of photovoltaic into the existing infrastructure.