Solar Water Pump Solution

Solar pumping systems allow vital water resources to be accessed in remote rural locations. Solar water pumps require no fuel and minimal maintenance. Solar powered submersible pumps are used for wells, boreholes, water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation. Recently the price of solar pv modules has fallen dramatically around the world, making solar powered pumping systems increasingly affordable.

There is also a natural relationship between the availability of solar power and the need for water. Solar pumps provide maximum water flow when it’s needed most. Most solar water pumping applications don’t use batteries, the water is simply pumped when there is enough daylight. The water is often pumped into a large raised storage tank, enabling access to water whenever needed.

The advantages of solar pumps are:

  • - They can produce many 1000’s of litres of water every day
  • - The system can typically serve 10 times more people than a hand pump
  • - Excess capacity can be stored in an elevated tank
  • - Low maintenance costs
  • - No fuel costs
  • - Easy to install
  • - Simple and reliable
  • - No operator required
  • - Can pump to elevated storage tanks
  • - High flow output
  • - Zero carbon emissions
  • - ear life